Art Worksheet: Shading Techniques in Pencil

Here’s a worksheet that worked well when I introduced my art students (grades 6-12) to a few ways to create a range of value in drawings.

  1. Graphite hardness. First students compare different drawing pencils by creating three small drawings. Each drawing goes in its own box and uses a different type of graphite pencil (for example: 4B, 2B, HB, 2H, 4H.) Then students are asked to identify which pencil made the darkest mark and which made the lightest.
  2. Blended shading: “Use three different drawing pencils to create spheres from the circles below. Try to make smooth, even values that gradually go from dark to light. Remember the five elements of successful blended shading: full light, half tone, core shadow, reflected light, and cast shadow.”
  3. Value scales.
    • Value Scale with Different Pencils: “Make a value scale with solid shading. Use different pencils which are darker or lighter.”
    • Value Scale with Pressure or Repeated Coverage: “Make a value scale in which darker values are created by applying more pressure, or by going over the same area multiple times.”
    • Value Scale with Crosshatching: “Make a value scale with crosshatching. More directions equals darker value.”
    • Value Scale with Blended Shading. “Make a value scale with a gradual transition from light to dark.”

Click on the image below to download the PDF file for this worksheet.

Art Worksheet: Shading/Value Techniques in Pencil
worksheet: shading - value techniques

Here is another good shading worksheet from Alix Peshette at R. W. Emerson Junior High School in Davis, CA.

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  1. Thanks for the worksheets! Teaching in Hamilton Ontario and needed this essential! They are lovely!

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