Two-point perspective worksheets

These worksheets are intended for use after students have mastered my one-point perspective worksheets.

Begin by walking your students through the first exercise with boxes. Afterwards, they should be able to do the others with a little guidance. The worksheets get progressively more complex. Click on the images below for individual PDFs.

61 thoughts on “Two-point perspective worksheets”

  1. Thanks. This is a perfect transition to our next project for the kids that are done with our current project.

  2. I never write on blogs or any website. This is 1st time I ever had the need to say the biggest “THANK YOU!” I am a first year art teacher and your worksheets have stopped my head from exploding! You are a wonderful person! Thank you!


  3. Hello Dawn, thanks for your art posts. I find them quite helpful in my art studies. Especially in perspective. Thank you!

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